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Atlantic Stars Women'sThe designer and stylist of the Atlantic Stars Gian Luca Zucchelli was inspired by the vibrant and euphoric colours of the '80 creating a line of shoes that caught the attention not only of the people in the work but also of the characters of the sports and entertainment world . The collections of shoes Spring Summer and Autumn Winter are always characterized by a continuous research and refinement with new models and chromatic combinations in line with the trends of the moment. In the myriad of sneakers decorated with stars this is the unmistakable one for a woman who feels satisfied by wearing a unique shoe for quality and design: Enjoy The Quality.

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Atlantic Stars women's sneakers Shaka

Product no.: SHAKA-RF-J10

195.00 €
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Atlantic Stars women's sneakers Vega

Product no.: VEGACSE-82R

190.00 €
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Atlantic Stars women's Shaka lace-up

Product no.: SHAKA-NN-J06

195.00 €
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Atlantic Stars Sneakers Gemma

Product no.: GEMMACPL86B

185.00 €
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