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The shop


The Grimandi footwear shop was founded in 1929 when Dionigio started its shoemaker business.


Thanks to the craftsman's skills, his shop immediately acquired prestige and it was in 1931 that Grimandi footwear from the place of production became the point of sale of its artifacts.


The products are immediately distinguished by quality and sturdiness due to the installation of selected materials and the adoption of accurate packaging techniques.

Over the years the conduct of the activity is preserved with a family character, and it is at the workplace that the children of Dionigio learn to recognize the footwear of quality. Retired in 1970, Dionigio leaves the exercise to his son Mario, who will conserver the level of image achieved over the years.

Since 1988 Mario joined the children Maurizio and Gianluca inaugurates the new shoe store in the current location in Italy in Baricella in Via Roma 1. In the new store is offered the possibility to choose, in complete tranquillity and in a family environment, between a wide range of shoes for men and women of the best brands in respect of the quality as the tradition of the activity now reached the third generation.


Since 2001 is online the website that offers the possibility to see some images of the shop windows and to buy online in complete safety and tranquillity the latest collections of casuals shoes and traditional of the best brands for women and men.